Garden Pond Heater: Hide that Eyesore

A garden pond heater is one of the sacrifices homeowners must make in the wintertime. While the garden pond stays looking pretty all year long, often the look of a brightly colored pond heater floating the water can ruin the effect.

Disguise the Garden Pond Heater
Floating pond heaters are hard to hide. You might be tempted to confine it to a small area in the pond, but this can allow icing throughout the rest of the area where the heat may not reach. If you can secure synthetic leaves, lily pads or other items to the heater safely—check with the manufacturer to make sure it won't interfere with its operation—then you can hide the ugly plastic with some carefully placed greenery.

Sinking Pond Heater
Or you can opt to get a submergible pond heater that sits on the bottom of the pond, out of sight. These heaters will work as a garden pond heater as long as your pond is 3 feet deep or less. If it goes deeper than that, the heat won't disperse enough to keep the top from icing. In this case you'll need a floating garden pond heater, and will have to do your best to make it look natural.