Garden Walkways on a Budget

Garden walkways make charming paths to an inviting garden, but having the walkway installed professionally can be expensive. If you are willing to invest a little time and sweat equity, you can create your own garden walkway on a budget. Be creative with money-saving ideas. Though you will save money, you will not lack quality. Here are a several ways to build a garden walkway without destroying your budget.

Salvaged Building Materials

Waste is rampant in the building industry. Often, when building new homes, builders discard leftover materials. In on-site construction dumpsters, you can often find concrete blocks and bricks. Ask the builders if you can use these materials. You can use both to build a low-cost garden walkway. Concrete blocks, laid on their sides and filled with cement, can form a garden walkway when recessed into the ground. The same is true of bricks. Brick make a beautiful walkway. Before dumpster diving, check with the builder to get approval to remove the discarded materials.

Salvaged Demolition Materials

If you have a neighbor that is replacing a concrete driveway, you can use the broken chunks of concrete to make a garden pathway at no cost. Simply gather the concrete pieces and use them as pavers. Create a free-form design leading to your garden. The only expenditures will be your time and effort. If you want to jazz up your walkway, consider staining the concrete.


Sand is an inexpensive material with which you can create a garden walkway. Remove any grass from the area that will become the walkway and use either lawn edging or inexpensive wood boards to serve as the frame for your walkway. Once you have put the edging or boards in place, fill the area with sand for a low-budget garden walkway.


Mulch is another inexpensive material that makes an excellent walkway. The process for making a mulch garden pathway is the same as that used with sand. After installing the lawn edging or wood boards, line the area with landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing up through the mulch. Then, fill the entire area with mulch of your choice. Check with local garden nurseries where mulch is not as expensive as at home improvement stores.

Homemade Pavers

Using homemade concrete pavers can save you 90% over the retail cost of pavers. Making your own pavers is fun and easy. You will need to purchase a paver mold and concrete. Prepare the walkway area by removing any grass, leveling the area and pounding down the soil to provide a base that will not shift. Place the paver mold at the beginning of the walkway. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the mold. Shake the mold so that the concrete releases any air bubbles, and mix the next batch of concrete. Carefully remove the mold from the first paver, or set of pavers, and place it alongside the previous paver. Repeat the process until you have completed the entire length of the walkway.

Using a little creativity, you might discover additional low cost ideas for creating a garden walkway, but try these first.