Gardening Tips and Tricks for the Green Thumb Challenged

Gardening with tools, dirt, and plants

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! We spoke with Katie Moss from Katie Moss Landscape Design to get to the bottom of common mistakes and some tips and tricks to make your garden shine. We stopped by The Home Depot to pick up some starter plants and supplies to get us started, and got to work. Check out the videos below to learn about tips for indoor and outdoor plants, and how to start growing your own food.

A longtime landscape designer, Katie Moss has been featured in books, magazines, and on television. With a focus on creating organic, low maintenance, and inviting outdoor spaces, Katie has caught the attention of clients big and small across the nation. Her extensive plant knowledge and passion for her work keeps them thriving long after she’s gone, as she provides personalized pruning and maintenance tutorials at the end of every project.

Discover Your Green Thumb: Outdoor Gardening Tips and Tricks

Do you have trouble keeping your outdoor garden healthy and vibrant? Our host, Brad, and Katie take a look at some common mistakes that keep gardens from thriving. We’ll look at plants, like the lantana, that fill in decorative areas easily, learn the correct way to transfer starter plants from container to ground, talk about soil nutrition, and how to easily prune to help your plants flourish.

Growing Plants Indoors: What You Need to Know

Bring life to your home or office with beautiful plants. Do your large plants wilt indoors? Sometimes all it needs is a little sunshine! Learn a simple trick from Brad and Katie that makes it easy to take large vegetation outdoors when they need to recover. Next we’ll go inside to talk about the dangers of over-caring for your indoor plants, take a look at the vibrant bromeliad, and talk about other plants that grow well indoors.

Ditch the Market: Starting Your Own Edible Garden

Grocery bills getting out of hand? Brad turns to Katie for help starting his own edible garden. From veggies to fruits to herbs and spices, there are a lot of ways to save by planting your own food.

We’ll take a look at hearty plants like kale and how to harvest them, learn about proper soil care, explore different watering systems, and hear a fun trick to conserve water while not cutting back on your plants.