Gardening with Your Children: Planting Carrots

Carrots are a fun and easy vegetable to grow, especially for children. Grow this plant with your children and enjoy memorable moments together.

Step 1

Cordon off a small area of your garden for your children, or give each of them a container that is about 12 inches deep for sowing carrot seeds to give them ownership. Make sure the site gets plenty of sunlight.

Step 2

Help the children loosen the soil with a hand trowel.

Step 3

Give them a packet of seeds to sprinkle 1 inch apart over the site. Help them press the seeds into the soil gently.

Step 4

Let them water the site and sprinkle mulch over it to retain moisture. Remind the children to water the site regularly. After a week the seeds will germinate and will need thinning to ensure they are 2 inches apart.

Step 5

Teach older children to place their fingers around the stem of one seedling and snip it off at soil level. Avoid pesticides since children’s fingers usually end up in their mouths. Cover the site in mesh wiring to keep pests away.

Step 6

Let your children fertilize the plants every 3 weeks with a liquid fertilizer.

Enjoy moments of watering, weeding and waiting with your children and take pictures until the carrots are ready to harvest after 70 days.