Gas Stove Repair: Clicking Sound When Off

A gas stove with a pot on it.
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50
What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench

When you hear a clicking sound from your gas stove, a repair is in order. You don’t want to make the expensive call to the repairman in order to fix the stove. This is a relatively simple fix you can DIY. This article will guide you through the steps required to determine what is wrong and how to fix it.

Not every stove is built the same way, so these are generic instructions. Taking pictures will help ensure that everything goes back together with the way it came apart.

    Step 1 - Find the Defective Switch

    Before getting into the project, you have to make sure to eliminate all electrical hazards by turning off the circuit breaker at the source.

    You have to know which switch has actually gone bad before you can replace it. Start by clearing off everything from the top of the stove. This includes the pan supports if they aren’t secured to the surface.

    Lift the top of the stove and latch open. Turn each of the knobs to the ignite position. Each functioning switch should cause a new clicking sound to start when turned to ignite. When you don't hear a new clicking, you've found the defective switch.

    Pull the stove out from the wall and pull the power plug. Turn off the valve supplying gas to the stove. Turn a valve on to allow any gas in the lines to escape. Open a window to allow airflow to remove any gas fumes.

    Now that you’ve located the defective switch, it’s time to go buy a new one and replace the bad one.

    Step 2 - Disconnect Defective Switch

    A gas stove.

    Disconnect the defective switch from the power source. This is usually a plug or two spade type connectors. It is also possible to find ring-type connectors that will have to be unscrewed. If necessary, remove the gas feed line to the valve and the gas line to the burner. Most stoves will allow you to remove the switch without removing the valve also. However, some older stoves may require the removal of both.

    Remove the switch from the valve and knob assembly. This is usually accomplished by removing either a lock nut on the knob/switch spindle or two small screws securing the switch to the valve. Discard the old switch assembly.

    Step 3 - Install New Switch

    Mount the new switch to the knob assembly and re-secure it using the hardware supplied. If no hardware came with the switch, reuse the old hardware. Reconnect supply and feed lines for gas if disconnecting was required. Reconnect power to the switch. Remove all tools from under the stovetop. Reconnect power. Turn knob to ignite to ensure proper operation of switch and igniter.

    Once the proper operation is ensured, turn the gas supply back on. Close stove lid and push the stove back into the wall.

    Having read and followed the accompanying instructions, you will now be able to determine which stove switch is defective and how to replace it safely.