Gas to Electric Heating

Gas to electric heating is a switch that comes with several advantages. When switching a home from gas to electric heating, the existing gas-fired hot air system is replaced by a new electric furnace or heat pump, using the home’s existing ductwork system.

Advantages of switching from gas to electric heating:

Electric heating requires little or zero maintenance, whereas gas requires an annual inspection of the boiler, regular cleaning of the stack, and consistent purging of pipes, in addition to a probable replacement of the water pump at least once in the life of the system.

Going from gas to electric heating also equates to a safer environment, eradicating the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide emission from burners, and explosions of the boiler.

Converting from gas to electric heating also conserves space, as it does not require a boiler and water tubes.

Changing from gas to electric heating means the convenience of electricity being available in virtually any location.

When used at off-peak times, electric heating can be inexpensive and energy efficient.

In terms of space heaters, going from gas to electric heating prevents pollutants in the home and does not require the storage of fuel.