Gazebo Cover Types and Designs

When it is time to replace your gazebo cover, there are a number of materials, types, and designs available. The traditional cover fits over the top of the gazebo, with short overlaps acting as decorative fringes on the sides. Less traditional, but far more functional, a screen netting may be used as a cover, transforming the gazebo into a sanctuary from both the noonday sun and the evening onslaught of mosquitoes. What kind of cover your gazebo gets is a decision that is best left to the individual owner, and the choices for cover materials and designs are wide ranging, from the functional to the frivolous.

Gazebo Cover Materials

Depending on what you have in mind for a gazebo cover, the materials available range from heavy canvas to light fabrics or the netting mentioned previously. Keep in mind that a light fabric won't offer much protection from rain, but can, instead, offer a brightly colored alternative to the heavy shielding provided by waterproof materials such as vinyl or canvas.

Awnings for Wooden Gazebos

A wooden gazebo has little need for a gazebo cover, but you might want to install an awning that extends the wooden structure beyond it's limits. Awning kits are easier to install than trying to reinvent the design yourself, and kits have the advantage of coming complete with everything you need to install the awning quickly and professionally.

Canopies for Metal Gazebos

the most common use for a new canopy is to cover a metal gazebo. This type of gazebo, which is also called a portable gazebo or a pop up gazebo, is little more than an open sided tent. Sometimes it will be designed in the fashion of a Victorian style gazebo, but more often than not this form of garden gazebo is a simple square or rectangle covered with a heavy cloth or canvas top.

Designs for Gazebo Covers

Gazebos are made in many different styles and shapes. Some covers can be easily made from canvas or vinyl, while other are intricate designs that can be purchased from the local hardware or sporting goods store, or ordered from websites that specialize in outdoor equipment. If you are proficient with a sewing machine, making your own gazebo cover is a rewarding project that allows you to completely customize your gazebo. On the other hand, purchasing a ready-made gazebo cover will be much easier to install, and only requires fastening the cover to the gazebo, eliminating the need to devise fastening methods for the cover.

Installing Horizontal Blinds

While they are not strictly considered a gazebo cover, many people hang horizontal blinds on the side of the gazebos. Using blinds for gazebo sides allows the user to regular the amount of privacy is available to those inside the gazebo. For a gazebo with a hot tub installed, lowering the blinds is is a simple and effective way of limiting the view from neighbor homes, giving you and your guests more peace of mind. And when you aren't using the hot tub, the blinds can be quickly retracted, leaving you with an unobstructed view of the surrounding patio and garden area.