GE Convection Microwave Oven

A GE convection microwave oven offers your kitchen unparalleled versatility either when microwaving or cooking with the convection settings. With a cooking cavity of 1.5 cubic feet, this microwave is spacious enough to serve your entire household, yet with its 23 by 20 by 15-inch frame, it is compact enough to fit underneath a cabinet on the counter. If you wish, purchase the optional trim kit and install the unit into a cabinet for a fully integrated look. Available in stainless steel as well as white, black and bisque, GE convection microwave ovens will blend into any kitchen decor. 

Convection Microwave Design

With its 1000-Watt heating element, the GE convection microwave oven is an incredibly powerful kitchen appliance. Use it as a microwave, a convection cooker or combine the functions for the fastest results. Convection cook settings distribute the heat more evenly around food, browning the surface perfectly while retaining the tenderness on the inside. The included recessed glass turntable keeps food moving, while the removable oven rack makes roasting easy.


Features include 10 power levels, sensor and reheat cook settings and other one-touch controls. The oven features a control dial as well as a touchpad for easy operation, and the interior stainless steel finish makes cleanup simple.