General Safety Rules for Gas Pressure Washer Use

A gas pressure washer.

A gas pressure washer is a water pressure washer that operates on gasoline. Pressure washer equipment is an appliance that emits water in high force jets to clean tough grime and in some cases, the outer layers of a surface. There are some important safety rules you must follow when you use a gas pressure washer.

Read the Instruction Manual

Before operating the gas pressure washer, you must read the instruction manual thoroughly. Understand the different parts and functions properly, as well as the safety requirements.

Wear Appropriate Protection

When you operate a gas pressure washer, you must wear sturdy, slip-resistant boots, safety goggles with side shields and a protective jacket.

Never Operate Appliance in the Vicinity of Flames or Combustible Materials

Keep inflammable materials such as twigs, rags, and fuel a safe distance from the gas pressure washer. Proximity can be dangerous and can lead to fires or explosions.

Keep Bystanders Safe

Everyone in the vicinity must be aware that you are operating a pressure washer. Keep them a safe distance away and never direct the stream at anyone as it could cause an injection injury due to the extreme force of the water.

Use in an Open Area

Never operate a gas appliance in an enclosed area, because you could be at risk from possible carbon monoxide buildup.

Make Sure All Parts are Working

Before operating the gas pressure washer, make sure all the moving parts are working properly. Ensure proper alignment of parts and smooth functioning.

Keep the Appliance, Exhaust and Engine Free of Grease and Dirt

You must regularly clean the engine, exhaust pipe, and the exterior of the appliance. A buildup of grease and dirt can increase the risk of explosions and gas buildup.

Never Operate in Wet Conditions

Only operate a gas pressure washer in dry, open surroundings. Wet or damp conditions can increase the chances of improper functioning and appliance damage.

Refill Fuel Outdoors When the Machine Is Turned Off

Never refill the gasoline when the appliance is running. Turn it off and take it away from the work area for a refill.

Never Use the Appliance near the Refueling Site

After refueling the gas pressure washer, take it away from the refueling site before you turn it back on. Operating the appliance in the vicinity of spilled fuel or fumes can be very dangerous.

Store Appliance after It Has Cooled Down

A gas pressure washer can reach very high temperatures during the course of operation. It is important to store the pressure washer in an enclosed, dry environment that is free of fire hazards and combustible materials. Before you store it away, let the appliance cool down.

Ensure All Covers and Safety Guards Are in Place

The gas pressure washer must have all parts intact and covers over all the moving areas. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury to the user. Never attempt to make quick fixes to the appliance if there is a problem. Have it serviced by a professional technician or repair person.