General Tips for Choosing a Custom Motorcycle Chassis Design

A motorcycle chassis is more than just it’s frame. It gives your motorcycle it’s identity. Comprised primarily of steel, aluminum, or magnesium, the chassis holds together all the most crucial parts of a motorcycle, and provides the template for the bikes design.

Choosing a custom motorcycle chassis design is a great way to make a bike exclusively yours, but there are so many options it’s important to keep these tips in mind when looking.

Safety First

The best looking motorcycle doesn’t do anyone good if it’s not safe. Make sure the design is functional, doesn’t hinder movement in any way, or make the bike too heavy for you to control. Be sure the design allows for all parts to be kept securely in place, and doesn’t have any odd ends where cables (or clothes) can catch.

Comfort before Beauty

Every person is built differently, and that is why there are so many custom chassis to choose from. Be sure you know what style chassis you are most comfortable riding on before you decide on a custom design. With the money that can go into a custom chassis, it’s not a good idea to invest in something new without doing a few test runs first.

Know Your Maker

A chassis holds your whole motorcycle together, so while it may seem like a good idea to buy from manufacturer that is offering a less expensive design, it is a much better idea to go to someone who’s quality you trust. You should also look into what sort of maintenance packages they provide and if their parts come with a warranty. If you are assembling the whole bike yourself, you may also want to check if they have packages available or if they are willing to offer a discount on other parts.

Avoid the Trends

Anything too new or too extreme runs the risk of going out of style or being hard to maintain in the long run. Unless you are a collector, keep an eye on the designs that have lasted and choose your custom design accordingly, or you could end up the laughing stock of the biker bar.

Pick Your Alloy Wisely

Price can change drastically depending on the material your chassis is made of. Depending on how much use your bike will get, and what you will be using it for, determine whether your chassis should be made of aluminum, steel, or magnesium.

Make it Yours

When you consider all the things you want in a motorcycle, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the design of your custom chassis. All that’s left to do is put together the finishing touches, adding decals, or color, putting on the features that make the motorcycle truly individual.

A custom chassis is a great way to have the motorcycle you love to ride, can’t wait to show off, and feel great on. It should move the way you want, and look the way you want and most importantly take you where you want to go, in style.