General Tips for Replacing a Front Bumper Assembly

The front bumper assembly of a car usually consists of a face or cover of the actual bumper that is given to the car for beautification purposes. This cover is usually painted and matched with the car’s color but the actual bumper is located behind this front cover. The front bumper assembly also comprises of the panels around its edges sometimes that help it to further blend with the car’s body. Also, the front bumper assembly consists of shock absorbers.

As the front bumper is the foremost part of the car, it has to be able to withstand the most impact during a collision. And although the front bumper assembly also contains the lighting circuits for the car, it’s because it is fitted with shock absorbers and given a unique shape that it is able to withstand a lot of pressure and keep its components safe in a regular collision.

Because of its important components, it is important to note that removing and replacing a front bumper assembly due to any possible reason is not a simple job. It requires care and concentration.

Front Bumper Cover

To start replacing a front bumper assembly, one should start at the hood. Most front bumpers reach up under the edge of the hood and the hood needs to be opened to remove the screws that attach the bumper there. Also, bumpers are usually attached to the grill too. Those screws have to be carefully removed too and all that can be accessed by popping the hood.

The next step is locating the plastic clips along the inside edge of the bumper cover. These clips keep the bumper cover attached with the bumper. Using a screwdriver, it is easy to pry up the center clip and cut the clip when it is exposed and then to finish the job, move on to the other clips to cut them. The bumper cover can then be easily pulled out of the front bumper assembly. All this time, the rest of the assembly consisting of the shock absorbers etc. are safe.

A new bumper cover can now be attached easily to the front bumper assembly. The new bumper cover will have similar clips that can easily hold it into place. The rest of the attaching process will be a reverse of the taking-off process.

Make sure though that if the removed bumper cover has to be re-used on another car for example, place it on a soft surface like a towel to prevent it from getting scratched.

Shock Absorbers

Access to the shock absorbers for replacement can be pretty easily done too by using a pair of jacks to lift the car from the front, place jack stands under frame for safety. As the front bumper cover has already come off, it is easy to now spot the front shock absorbers which look like springs and are behind the wheel hubs. Be careful while replacing the shock though, taking good care while removing the dust cover and pulling out the struts to expose the spring.