General Transmission Repair Information: The Basics

Knowing some general transmission repair information will be able to save you frustration and money. When you know the things to watch for, you will be able to spot transmission problems early. Those who have a good understanding of how vehicles work and have the mechanical aptitude will be able to take care of many transmission problems before they become too expensive. No one wants to spend the money that it would take to rebuild a transmission.

Preventative Maintenance Could Save Your Transmission

Like all of the other parts of your vehicle, a little preventative maintenance done on a regular basis can prolong the life of your transmission. Change the fluids in the vehicle according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not neglect the fluid changes, as old fluid full of particulates can damage your transmission. You will be able to change the fluid on your own, and the only cost is the fluid and an hour of your time. You could also take the vehicle to the garage where they will be able to do it for you. However, if you take the vehicle to the garage, they may try to sell you on a transmission flush. You should only get a flush when the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends it.

Listen to Your Vehicle

When the transmission begins to have problems, you will notice a variety of different signs. Listen for strange sounds, such as rattling, that come from the area of the transmission. Watch for signs of transmission slippage as well. If your car slips out of gear or if you find shifting to be impossible, it could be a sign of a transmission problem.

Buy Kits for Transmission Repair

You will find many kits on the Internet and in your local auto supply store that includes all of the materials you will need to repair your transmission. If you have a high performance transmission, you will find kits for these as well. Be sure that you have manuals for the transmission so that you know how to assemble them properly. You can save money by buying the kits and then having a mechanic replace the transmission if you don't know how to do it.

Find a Professional

When you have a problem that you believe might be transmission related, you should seek someone who has more knowledge in the matter. This could be a family member that works on his or her vehicle, or it could be a professional down at the local shop. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help or send your vehicle to a mechanic simply because you pride yourself on being able to take care of most vehicle related problems on your own. Remember, the cost of a new transmission, or even a rebuild, will cost thousands of dollars.

Having even a basic understanding of general transmission repair will help you care for your vehicle and prolong its life.