Geothermal Heat Pump vs Air Heat Pump

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A geothermal heat pump is an excellent way of heating your home while still reducing your carbon emissions. An air source heat pump is also a great item which can help you to achieve the same goal. Although both of these devices have a lot of advantages, there are also a number of reasons why you might decide to prefer one above the other. In choosing the geothermal heat pump or the air source heat pump, you will be deciding on what kind of device you feel has more to offer your surroundings.


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When you are deciding between these two types of heat pump, you should definitely look at the cost. This is particularly important when it comes to the geothermal unit, as this will have a lot of labor and installation costs which might not be as high with the air source. Geothermal units often come with a tax credit available from the national government, which helps to make the initial expenditure much less.

The air source heat pump has a disadvantage in that it is not very well known, and people are not sure what to expect from the device. While the pump is so little known, it is not surprising that there is still a large price on its initial purchase, which can prevent many people from considering it to be a good buy. This includes government agencies, who may be less willing to offer tax credits, discounts, and other advantages for an air source pump than for the geothermal heat pump, which is widely recognized. This can cost you dearly when it comes to making the initial payment.


Both the air source and the geothermal heat pumps are almost in the top of the class for their ability to reduce the amount of fuel you need to burn to get your home completely warm. Air source heat pumps can save you around 40 percent in fuel bills alone, and that looks very pleasant on paper.

Geothermals are around the same amount when it comes to savings on certain types of heating, although you may find there is a more consistent production of heat from the geothermal than from the air source.


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Both of these sources are considered to be environmentally friendly, using the natural elements from the Earth as their source. Geothermal units tend to be slightly larger, per amount of fuel used, than the air source, and may also need to have a lot more digging and earth removal before a good thermal layer is found. This can affect the environment negatively.

The air source heat pump requires a large block which is the pump's catchment area, and this can make the surrounding area look unattractive. It can also be unwieldy, so you may find you prefer the shape of the geothermal unit, despite the need for greater digging.