Get Crafty in the Bathroom: Simple Storage Solutions

Hand towels and soaps neatly organized on bathroom shelves.

The bathroom is often the smallest room of the home, and yet it has a bigger burden than any other space. It’s here that you clean yourself, groom yourself, and possibly do your hair and makeup. You also shave here, weigh yourself here, and brush your teeth. So you probably have a lot of stuff in the bathroom. And if you’re like most people, you don’t have enough places to put it all. With some simple DIY solutions, you can redefine the spaces in your bathroom, and make it much roomier for all your stuff.

Look Inside

The bathroom has a lot of storage areas in it, if you’re willing to get creative (and a little crafty). Open your cabinet doors and closet doors, and you’ll find some new storage space. Place stick-on hooks to the backs of those doors to give yourself extra room. The hooks are perfect for towels and washcloths—but don’t stop there.

Get a thick winter sock you’re ready to get rid of, and cut a small hole about one inch from the top. Just like that, and you've got a caddy to hold a curling iron, flat iron, or similar hair tool. The thick sock helps to insulate the tool to protect the surrounding area from heat. You should still always allow your hair tools to cool for at least 10 minutes before putting them away.

Hooks are handy inside doors, but they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom you like, even on the mirror. Hang towels, baskets and other implements from these hooks to get more storage inside drawers and closets.

Easy Access Toilet Paper

Rolls of toilet paper take up a lot of space inside closets and cabinets. Instead of hiding the toilet paper away, find a simple way to store it that looks good, too. Expose the toilet paper to get it out of your cabinets and in a place where guests can get to it easily. Stack the rolls in a small basket near the toilet, or even in a wire trashcan. Arrange rolls neatly to make them part of the decor, and you have a storage solution that’s pretty and functional.

Use the Walls

The walls offer lots of perfectly good storage space, if you use it. Hang shelves to give yourself more places to put things. Get decorative and hang baskets on the walls instead if you like. You can still place things inside, using the basket like a shelf.

Climb to Better Storage

Place a ladder against the wall to create a decorative storage area. The rungs of the ladder can be used like towel racks. Hang items right on the shelf to keep them in easy reach, and out of your valuable cabinet space.

Out of the Closet

Instead of stacking towels inside the closet, leave them out in the bathroom. Not only will they be in easy reach, they won’t be cluttering up your closet space. Roll towels up instead of folding them in a traditional square. The rolled shape allows towels to be stacked and arranged more artistically. Place them in a vase, on a shelf, or even on the back of the toilet. They’ll look pretty, and you’ll open up a lot more room elsewhere to store other bathroom items.

Use your DIY skills to come up with simple storage solutions in the bathroom. Even if you have a lot of stuff, you don’t have to live with a cluttered, overcrowded room. Use your existing space to its fullest potential instead.