Get Creative with a Sports Themed Bunk Bed

Adding a personal decorative touch to a bunk bed can make the bedroom a fun place and bedtime will be something that kids can actually look forward to. A sports theme can be suitable for both boys and girls and bunk beds lend themselves to this sort of adaptation really well.

Decide on Your Theme

If you’re thinking about customizing your child’s bunk beds, you probably already have a good idea about what sports theme would suit them best. It’s really just a question of choosing how to go about making those changes. You might consider stenciling or painting freehand. If you don’t feel you have the necessary artistic skills for either of these methods, you can opt for decals or transfers. Many DIY stores stock self-adhesive transfers of footballers, basketball players or other sports-related themes.

Color: Painting Your Bunk Bed

Whatever sports theme you have chosen, you will probably want to paint your bunk beds a suitable color. A lawn green base color would be a good choice for tennis fans, for example. You could accentuate the bed by painting white stripes to represent the tennis court lines. Alternatively, you might decide to decorate your bunk bed in your child’s favorite football or baseball team’s colors.


While painting the bed and applying stenciled designs or transfers can immediately transform the appearance of your bunk bed, the more ambitious amongst you might consider making further adaptations. The addition of faux wheels to the base of a bunk bed, for example, is a fun way to express someone’s love of motor racing. These can be made very simply from MDF or Plywood and fixed to the bed base with screws. For baseball fans, it’s a fun idea to fix actual bats to the head and foot boards to encourage a consistent sports theme.

When customizing a bunk bed with a sports theme, think not only of the chosen sport but of the players too. Action shots of sporting heroes and even newspaper or magazine clippings look great in a montage. As it simply involves cutting, pasting and applying varnish, a montage is a favored technique for those who aren’t confident of their abilities to paint freehand. You can even go for a vintage look with old news images and stories from your chosen sports team history.


You can add a feeling of authenticity to your finished piece by hanging boxing gloves, football boots, baseball caps or tennis rackets on hooks at the foot of the bed. Remember that there’s absolutely no reason why a sports themed bunk bed can’t be considered a work in progress. Continue to add to your sports themed bunk bed creation with updates including images of new players and up-to-date news stories about favorite sports and players.

A great source for materials is your favorite team’s fan club. They usually sell stickers and other official memorabilia that could be used in a project such as this. A look on their websites can be a source of inspiration too.