Gifts That Get Kids Involved for Father's Day

We may or may not be able to get Dad an expensive gift this year for Father’s Day, but no matter what you want to be able to show your him how grateful you are to have him. It’s important to also get the kids involved in choosing or making a gift for Dad, so they are able to enjoy sharing their appreciation with him, too. Here are a variety of gift ideas for this Father’s Day that get the kids involved in the celebration.

For the dad who is away at work for long hours, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Take a nice picture of the children yourself, or have a portrait done by a photographer. For a special touch, add a personalized frame or even buy a plain wooden frame and let the kids decorate it themselves with messages of love.

The dad who loves sports will always appreciate tickets to his favorite sporting event. If you have kids that are old enough to enjoy the sport, make it an event that they can attend with dad.

Have the kids get up early on Father’s Day and help make Dad his favorite breakfast. If Dad isn’t a morning person, you can instead make his favorite dessert to share with him later that day. If the children are younger, they can still help by pouring measured ingredients into a mixing bowl or holding the egg timer till it dings. Even assisting with the smallest of tasks will help children feel more involved with Dad’s gift.

Personalized photo calendars are always great gifts. You can enlist the help of your children by asking them to pick out the pictures and designs for each month on the calendar.

If your kids like arts and crafts, try this idea for Father’s Day. Using fabric markers and glitter pens, have the kids draw pictures and write notes for Dad on a plain t-shirt or a pillowcase. This makes for a creative gift that can be used affectionately on a regular basis. Remember to keep ink from bleeding to the other side of a shirt or pillowcase by putting a sheet of cardboard between the layers.

For the Dad with a long to-do list, present him with “coupons” that relieve him of the chore of doing certain jobs. Examples include cleaning out the garage, taking out the trash for a week, and mowing the lawn. These coupons are ideal for older children who can offer help around the house.

Ask the kids to help you pack a special picnic lunch on Father’s Day and take Dad out to the lake for a day of fishing and relaxation. Be sure to bring a few fun outdoor games like horseshoes and badminton.

These simple gifts don’t have to replace that expensive palm pilot or golfing trip. They simply give children a special way of their own to appreciate their dads on Father’s Day and make memories that will last a lifetime.