Get Ready to Makeover the Kids' Room in 2015

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When it comes to picking the right colors for children’s rooms, keeping it fun and fresh is what it’s all about. While you may want to follow more muted and neutral color palettes in the rest of your house, the kid’s room is where you can be a bit more daring. Children are drawn to bright, lively colors, and there are quite a few pieces of research that show that colors can have a real effect on children’s mood, behavior, or even learning ability.

Base Colors

Cooler colors set a good mood for relaxing, sleeping and homework, while warmer colors are great for places where all the action takes place, like playrooms or bathrooms. In 2015, look out for pastels to make a comeback – everything from soft pinks and yellows to gentle greens and blues are popular choices. And a soft pastel-pink top tent and pillows can create a soothing and cozy environment, perfect for bedtime.

Accent Colors

Kid’s tastes and moods change quickly – you can expect more frequent makeovers for your little one’s quickly evolving tastes, so plan carefully. If you want to go bold, chose an accent piece or wall that can easily be changed. Canary Yellow will remain popular in 2015, having made its fashion runway debut in the spring of 2014 this color trend is now trickling into kid’s bedroom colors and accessories.

Ready to makeover that kids room in 2015?, Anne Jensen

This polished look for a pre-teen room combines pinks, canary yellow walls yellow and crisp white furniture for a modern look.

Palette and Contrast

Mixing patterns and textures are all the rage for “grown up spaces” in 2015, but often, fighting clutter is one of the biggest challenges parents face in kids rooms. So when you consider the right approach for kids, try going with a relatively calm and organized palette to create a clean backdrop to all the action.

Ready to makeover that kids room in 2015?, Anne Jensen

The Maxtrix® play table and chair set and “Neat” storage tower. Counter the clutter with neutrals like soft greens and natural wood tones.


Making a decision on color goes way beyond wall paint – it’s the combination of furniture, accessories and fabrics that pull the entire room together.
If you love a certain hue or pattern, but it’s too bright to paint an entire wall with it, try using it as an accent color throughout the room to tie everything together.

Ready to makeover that kids room in 2015?, Anne Jensen

The Maxtrix® bright green schoolhouse chair provides a great pop of color


Kid’s rooms are usually smaller, and functional furniture like beds/desks and storage units dominate the landscape. Picking the color and style for a piece of furniture can be one of the most lasting decisions you will make for your child’s room. Try and find pieces that you can “dress up” with accents, so you can vary the look over time without having to purchase a new piece. Add pops of Carnation Pink to a girl’s room to create an up to date color accent, right on trend for 2015!

Ready to makeover that kids room in 2015?, Anne Jensen

The Maxtrix® 3 drawer dresser, with 6 additional pink flower knob-backers.