Get Rid of Ants with Bay Leaf Tea

Bay leaf tea is considered to be nutritious as it is high in vitamins A and C but it can also be used as an insecticide to prevent ants from coming into your home. Either fresh or dry bay leaves can be used in making the tea, which is then applied to the anthills outside where they are located nearest to your home. The tea is easy to make and can then be stored in a large plastic or glass jug or other sealed container.

Making the Bay Leaf Tea

In a stew pot, pour in enough water to fill it, but not too much so that it will boil over. Set the burner on high until the water starts to bubble. Add a cup of bay leaves to the water and stir them in. After 5 minutes of initial boiling, turn down the heat so that it is on simmer for 2 hours. If some of the water boils out, add some more to the mixture. Ideally, the tea should simmer overnight so that a potent tea is made to repel the ants. When the tea is done, pour into a container. Do not refrigerate.

Applying the Bay Leaf Tea to the Anthills

Pour the bay leaf tea from your sealed container into a watering can. The tea should be directly applied to the base of the anthill and anywhere else you want to keep the ants from moving into. Sprinkle the tea around the perimeter of your external house walls, doorways, and garden if desired. The tea will keep out the ants and act as an invisible barrier to them.