Get Rid Of The Drafts In Your Home

Getting rid of drafts can save you money during winter by keeping cold air out. When that cold air gets in your home, you’ll be tempted to hike up your heater, costing you much unneeded electricity. In the course of a day, you can lose as much energy from drafts as you would from an open window.

Window Drafts

Windows are poorly sealed in most houses. This lets in cold air. If you feel drafts near the windows in your home, check the exterior of the house for cracks around the window. Filling them cracks in with a sealant will prevent cold air from entering your house.

Alternatively, hanging heavy curtains in front of your windows can insulate your house. The curtains prevent cold air from getting in and heat getting out.

Fireplace Covers

When you’re not using your fireplace, make sure to close the cover. Air travels down your chimney and into your house, so closing the cover will protect you from this cause of drafts.

Door Sweep

You’ve probably felt the wind coming up under your doorway. Investing in a door sweep will prevent the air from coming into the house.