Rid Your Home of Fleas Naturally

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Fleas are pesky creatures. Biting the ankles of humans and sucking the life out of our pets, they are nature's number one hitchhiker and each summer they return with a vengeance. They enter your home by hitching a ride on your unsuspecting pets, and once inside, they wreck havoc on all warm blooded creatures.

If your home is infested with fleas, don't despair. There are many proven ways to rid your home of fleas, naturally.

Use a Vacuum

Once you discover you have fleas, vacuum floors and furniture daily. Each time you vacuum, dispose of the vacuum bag immediately after sealing it securely. If the vacuum bag isn't secured, the fleas will crawl out and re-infest the home. After use when you store the vacuum, keep it free of fleas by inserting a flea collar in the bag. Be sure to check areas where your pet spends most of its time, such as beside your bed, a favorite chair, or their bed. These areas are where you are likely to find the most fleas, so vacuum them thoroughly.

Make a Natural Pesticide

Make a natural pesticide by mixing one part table salt with eight parts Borax powder (a naturally-occuring mineral). Spread the mixture throughout your home, especially on stairways, under beds, in your pet's bed, and under carpets and area rugs. The mixture is perfectly safe to leave on the floors after working it in with a broom or stiff bristled brush. Allow the mixture to do its work for 48 hours, then vacuum it up.

An alternative pesticide can be made by mixing 1/2 cup of boric acid to three cups of diatomaceous earth, also known as DE. Use the same method as described for the previous recipe. Sprinkle DE in dog runs and the shady areas of your yard. This will decrease flea population if you use it about once a week, and it is perfectly safe for your pets to be around. Keep in mind that fleas cannot live in sunny areas, so there's no need to treat areas that get at least six hours of sunlight a day.

Keep Your Home Clean

Wash floor mats and area rugs in hot water three times a week, and dry them thoroughly in the dryer. Heat kills adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. Do not leave rugs or mats damp, as this provides the perfect breeding ground for fleas.

Extra Tips

There are still some extra tips to keep in mind when combating fleas in your home. First, never use flea shampoo on kittens or puppies. Instead, use pet soap to repel fleas from your young pet's fur.

Flea populations are more prominent in spring and fall, so be sure to treat your home early to prevent infestation. Also, unless the larvae and eggs are killed, reinfestation will occur.

Now that you got rid of the fleas, how about the flies? Check out some homemade tricks to get rid of them.