Getting Latex Paint off of Skin

What You'll Need
Manicure brush
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton balls
Hand lotion

Latex paint is water soluble, which makes for easier clean up than oil-based paints. This doesn't mean it is necessarily easy to get off of everything, especially your skin. To prevent it from getting all over you, wear rubber gloves, or put a layer of hand cream on your hands before beginning to paint. If you're too late to do that and already have paint on your skin, follow this process to remove it.

Step 1 - Hot Water and Scrub With Soap

Run hot water over your skin for 3 to 5 minutes. This will help loosen the paint. Then use lots of soap to lather up your skin well. Using a manicure brush, get under finger nails or any stubborn areas. Rinse your skin and dry. If you have some small specks of paint still on your skin, use rubbing alcohol to finish removing the paint.

Step 2 - Leftover Residue

Use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to remove the small areas of paint that did not come off with soap and water. After you finish removing it, rinse the alcohol off of your skin, and dry. Apply hand lotion to your skin to help it recover from the hard cleaning you just gave it.