Getting Rid of Bed Bugs from Your Luggage

What You'll Need
High powered vacuum
Brush with tough bristles
Running automobile

Getting rid of bed bugs from any part of your home can be a difficult task. Bed bugs tend to be isolated problems in certain parts of the country and are uncommon in general, nonetheless, it can be frustrating to have to deal with these bugs. They are tenacious and eliminating both the living bugs and the eggs can be a challenge. Read on for a brief guide on how to remove bed bugs from your luggage. This can become a concern if you've stayed in a hotel that is infested with the bugs.

Step 1 -- Make Sure You Have Bed Bugs

The first thing that you should do is confirm that the bugs in your luggage are bed bugs. Look for small, reddish brown insects hiding in the corners of your luggage. They move fairly slowly and tend to be about the size of a lentil. If you see other types of bugs, you probably don't have bed bugs and are better off using another extermination option instead.

Step 2 -- Remove All Items From the Luggage

If there are bed bugs in your luggage, any item that is in the luggage is likely to also be infested. Remove the luggage from your home immediately and take it outside. Take out any items that are in the luggage and set them aside for cleaning.

Step 3 -- Scrub the Luggage

Once all of the items have been removed from the piece of luggage, you will need to scrub the luggage vigorously. You can do this with a tough bristled brush. This will help to free up any eggs and bugs that are lodged in areas of the luggage that you otherwise would not be able to reach, making it easier to vacuum them up later.

Step 4 -- Vacuum the Luggage

Using a hose extension on your high powered vacuum. Be sure to vacuum every part of the luggage thoroughly. This will eliminate both living and dead bed bugs, as well as eggs. It is very important to get rid of the eggs so that you do not have an infestation problem later.

Step 5 -- Place the Luggage in the Automobile

Place the luggage in the automobile and turn the heat up as high as possible. You'll need to leave the luggage there for approximately two hours in order to fully sanitize it. You can also place the luggage in a freezer for about two weeks to achieve the same affect.

Take any fabrics or clothes from the luggage and place them in the washer on the highest heat setting. Wash them at least three times consecutively. Discard any items that were in the luggage that are easily replaceable. Be sure not to bring any of the items back into the home until they have been thoroughly cleaned. The bedbugs will spread to other clothing or mattresses so be sure to keep your infested items out of your home.