Getting Rid of Mildew on Walls

What You'll Need
Laundry detergent
Hot water
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles
Scrubbing brush
Spray bottle
Mildew resistant paint
Paint brush
Commercial mildewcide

Getting rid of mildew can be difficult in certain situations. When you find mildew on the wall, you want to make sure that you eliminate it as quickly as possible so it does not spread to carpets, ceilings or internal components like insulation and electrical wiring. Here are the basics of how to successfully get rid of mildew on walls.

Step 1 - Let in Light

Mildew thrives in dark, moist places, but can not grow under direct sunlight. Therefore, if you have windows in the room with the mildew, you should open the shades and let the light pour in. If you do not have any windows in the room, be sure that you turn on the lights and leave them on as much as possible. A bright fluorescent light will also help you eliminate the mildew problem.

Step 2 - Eliminate Mold - Borax Mixture

Borax is a very effective product when it comes to getting rid of mildew. Borax is a cleaning powder that you can buy in any store near the cleaning agents. Borax is a white powder that you can mix with water in order to form a thick paste. Mix up some water and Borax and then apply the mixture to the area with the mildew. Let it sit on top of the mildew for approximately 15 minutes and then start scrubbing it with a scrubbing brush. Borax is very abrasive and this should help you scrub it off of the surface of the wall.

Bleach Mixture

If the Borax did not work, you may need to try another solution. Try combining 1/3 cup a laundry detergent, ½ cup of bleach and 1 gallon of hot water and mixing them together. Use the mixture and apply it to the mildew area on the wall. Then use your scrubbing brush in order to scrub the surface. Many times, this mixture will allow you to give the mildew off of the wall and disinfect it at the same time.

Vinegar and Salt

Another option that you could try is a paste of vinegar and salt. This will create a very abrasive compound that you can use to try and scrub off the mildew from the wall. After you apply, rinse it with warm water.

Commercial Mildewcide

If none of the other homemade solutions work, you might have to purchase a commercial mildewcide. There are many products on the market that can effectively remove mildew. Most of the time, they will come in a powder or liquid form that you can apply directly to the surface of the wall. Once you apply the mildewcide to the wall, you will again use the scrubbing brush to try and scrub off the mildew.

Step 3 - Paint the Wall

After you have removed all traces of the mildew, you may want to consider painting the wall with a mildew resistant paint. This type of paint will help you prevent any future occurrences of mildew on the wall.