Getting Rid of Small Rodents Using Mothballs

Mothballs make a very effective tool in getting rid of mice and other small rodents from your home. If you are suffering from a mouse problem, pick up several boxes of mothballs from your local home improvement store. Gather together several plastic containers, bags and cups to strategically position the moth balls to get your pest problem under control.

Using Mothballs Effectively

Determine where the mice or other rodents are entering your home. Fill several small plastic containers or cups a little over half-full with mothballs and place them in these areas. Common entry places for mice are chimneys, pipes, attics, basements and wherever there are cracks or rotting in the foundation.

Fill the plastic bags a little over half-full, and hang them with clothespins or clips from your awnings or gutters where mice may be traveling across to gain entry into your home. Place cups or containers full of mothballs in any other locations that you suspect the mice may be entering such as porches, entryways and garages.

After 30 to 45 days replace the mothballs, as they lose their potency in that time. Once the mice have left, set out several boxes of baking soda to rid your home of the mothball smell.