Getting Rid of the Fiberglass Itch

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
What You'll Need
Body lotion calamine cream or cocoa butter
Talcum or baby power
Long-sleeved clothing
Safety glasses

It is easier to avoid fiberglass itch than to get rid of it. While getting rid of the itch is a problem that can be solved relatively easily, and without any special items, the best method is to take a couple of precautions before working with insulation and avoid the issue completely.

WARNING: This tips will help with fiberglass itching and removing fiberglass particles that only get so far into your skin. If fiberglass particle get lodged deeply into your skin, you should seek medical aid as soon as possible.

The Cure

If you have been exposed to fiberglass dust, avoid scratching. The cure is simple, though, as it involves taking a shower in the coldest water you can stand. This causes pores to contract, and prevents fiberglass from working into the skin. Wash your body with mild soap while in the shower, and use tweezers to remove any fiberglass particles you see sticking out of your skin. After the shower, rub the affected spots gently with a body lotion calamine cream, or even cocoa butter, which will help embedded particles work free.

Avoid by Using Baby Powder

Before working with fiberglass insulation, coat yourself liberally with talcum or baby powder. Be sure to work it in vigorously, and don't forget the areas around your ears, and around the collar of your shirt.

Avoid by Wearing Pants

Dress for the job. If you must work with fiberglass, wear long pants and shirt sleeves. Wear a turtleneck shirt if you have one. Cover the head with a protective hood, and wear gloves and safety glasses. Use tape and fasten your shirt sleeves around the gloves to prevent access for the fiberglass. it may be a little uncomfortable to dress so heavily, but the minor inconvenience is well worth avoiding the effects of fiberglass itch.