Getting Stubborn Skunk to Leave Without Getting Sprayed

What You'll Need
Flood lights
Sprinkler systems with motion sensors
Commercial animal repellents
Cayenne pepper
Jalapeno peppers
Spray bottle

Finding a skunk on your property is not something anyone wants to be surprised with. A skunk can carry many diseases but can also spray you, your kids and pets with a foul odor that is difficult to get rid of. Skunks are also pretty stubborn and getting them to leave can be tricky especially when you don't want to get sprayed. This article will offer you several ways to get a skunk to leave your property.

Removing their Food Supply

Skunks move around at night and are scavengers. Skunks will eat anything they get their paws on including bird eggs, bugs and garbage. Even small rodents and human waste are fair game to skunks. What this means for most homeowners is that a skunk is a probable visitor to your home. When you move your garbage to the road for the trash man keep it in a plastic or metal can with a tight lid. Skunks love grubs so utilize nematodes to eat those before a skunk shows up. Pet food is also fair game. Do not leave pet food outside over night. Berries and nuts are enjoyed by skunks. If you have plants that produce either of these then periodically walk your property raking the droppings off the ground. The main sources of food for a skunk are things many people do not think about:

  • Organic compost
  • Underground insects
  • Standing water
  • Bird feed

Try to minimize or reduce the instances of any of these elements in order to make your home less appealing.

Easy Skunk Repellents

There are no set rules to repel a skunk. There are, however, certain methods and products you can employ to help the skunk know they are not welcome.

  • Skunks are nocturnal animals and do not like bright lights. Install flood lights around your house that are activated by movement. When the skunk appears on your property and sets off the flood light they will leave the property.
  • Sprinkler systems can startle a skunk so it will leave. There are sprinkler systems on the market that have motion sensors.
  • There are plenty of commercial repellents on the market that you can try which include dog and cat repellents.
  • Spicy pepper repellents can be made at home by boiling cayenne pepper, onions and jalapeno peppers together and straining it. Place the concoction in a spray bottle and spray it around your house. You can also place several powerful spices together and sprinkle it around known areas of skunk travel. They step in the spice mixture then lick their feet to clean themselves which will make them sick enough to leave and not return.


Sometimes the best way to stop a skunk is to take away its ability to enter your property. Skunks are horrible climbers and can't jump very high so a small fence that is flush to the ground is a good deterrent. Skunks, however, can dig. Install your fence at least underground by at least a foot. Skunks can fit in small spaces so take great care in plugging holes and cracks.