Getting The Orange Peel Texture On Your Walls

Orange peel texture is a light wall texture that is easy to apply and and complete over a weekend.

When drywall is first installed, it looks flat and boring, with no distinctive features. Adding texture creates visual interest and even light variations with slight shadows along the surface of the wall. Wall textures can be heavy, such as a Spanish style knockdown or skip trowel style, or light, like a splatter or orange peel texture.

How to Apply Orange Peel Texture

Like most wall textures, orange peel is created by splattering drywall 'mud' onto the walls. To do this project, you will need:

  • Air compressor and hopper
  • Spray gun with hose attachment
  • Aggregate powdered wall texture

Keep in mind that it may save you money to rent the tools for the weekend rather than buy them.

Step 1 - Use blue painter's tape to seal off the ceiling and floor, and drape drop cloths to protect any flooring and furniture.

Step 2 - Mix the powdered wall texture and let it set for several hours according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Make the mixture relatively thin so that it will flow through the spray gun, but thick enough to stick to the walls.

Once it has set for several hours, stir the texture again.

Step 3 - Place the mixture into the hopper. Attach the hopper to the spray gun and the hopper hose to the air compressor.

Step 4 - Try a few experimental sprays on a spare piece of paper to determine that the nozzle and air pressure are set correctly. Make any necessary adjustments.

Step 5 - Spray the wall, using wide sweeping motions to create an even, light texture. The more quickly you sweep the sprayer, the smaller the dots of texture will be. You can also adjust the size of the texture by applying different amounts of to the spray gun trigger.

Complete spraying all of the walls until you have created the desired texture.

Step 7 - Turn on a bright light and look for any areas that you might have missed with the sprayer. Touch up and apply as needed until you have covered the entire wall.

Step 8 - Let the newly textured wall dry over night.

Step 9
- Prime and then paint the walls as desired.