Ghost Chair: How to Glue Clear Plastic

Gluing the pieces of a ghost chair design made must be done carefully in order to keep the chair from looking messy. Gluing the clear plastic requires the use of an acrylic plastic glue or clear silicone glue. Gluing clear plastic takes patience and time in order to make sure that it adheres properly to the clear plastic of the design and does not clump or build up.

Gluing the Clear Plastic

To glue the clear plastic, use c-clamps to hold in place the various pieces such as the back and seat. At the bend joint, you will need to apply the adhesive, acrylic glue for the acrylic plastic ghost chair and silicone for the Plexiglas chair. The adhesive should be as thick as the pieces of the ghost chair being glued. Unclamp the pieces one-by-one, apply the adhesive and carefully bond the pieces together. Wipe any excess adhesive off with a paper towel or soft rag dipped in acetone.

Allow Glue to Dry

Clamp the pieces carefully back together and allow the glue to dry for up to 12 or 24 hours. After the glue dries, sand the pieces gently at the bend where the glue was applied in order to remove any excess. Wipe the chair with acetone and the ghost chair should be ready to use.