Ginger Root Pest and Disease Control

Growing ginger root (zingiber officiale) is easy enough, as long as the plant does not fall victim to pests and diseases. But you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by following these simple gardening tips.


Vigilant Inspection

Ideally, you should inspect any plant carefully before introducing it to your herb garden to check that it is free from disease.


Careful Planting

If you leave a decent space between your ginger roots, you will reduce the chance of any diseases spreading between the plants.

Growing ginger in pots is ideal from this point of view. However, be careful not to over-water them, as this can make the roots and rhizomes (the part that we actually eat) rot, which could kill the whole plant. Check that the saucer the pot is standing in is not full of water, and make sure that the pot is draining efficiently. Ginger root does not like being waterlogged.


Careful Harvesting

It’s best to have a few clumps of ginger growing in different locations your garden. That way you will be able to harvest one plant without damaging the roots or rhizomes of another. Damaged roots may let in rot and disease.


Pest Control

Ginger root is fairly pest resistant. However, in dry climates the plants can succumb to spider mites, so watch out for these in dry conditions. If your plants have been attacked, the mites can be washed off under a hose or tap.