Give a New Lease on Life to Your Old Sofa

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Next to your bed, the living room sofa is the one piece of furniture in your home that gets the most use. Can you add up all the hours of television viewing, movie watching, homework writing, eating and napping that has taken place on your sofa? Like your bed, there might come a time to retire that sofa, but suppose the frame is still good? What if the cushions haven't given up their spring yet? Before you give up on that couch, consider some cost-effective ways to give a new lease on life to your old sofa.

Decor Accents

An old sofa can "pop" once again with a few strategically placed accents. We're talking about throw pillows and blankets. Smart shopping will have you buying pillows with interchangeable covers. This way you can keep the pillows fresh and even change colors for the seasons. Picking a throw blanket in the right color can pull in all the other colors from your rugs and drapes to provide a lift to the room. These kinds of accents are perfect to put out for your next party as opposed to merely trying to impress the family who will flop down on anything!

Sofa Covers

The typical sofa and loveseat combination are designed with regular sizes. Yes, there are changes in foam and fabric but the measurements are usually consistent. That can be a huge plus if you go shopping for sofa covers. Avoid the noisy plastic covers your grandmother might have kept on her sofa. Instead, look through the array of bold and vibrant sofa cover options. These will let you slip on and create an entirely new look. Again, this can be a seasonal transformation as you swap out covers depending on the weather or even the holiday.


In extreme cases, a sofa can be reupholstered. This is probably a job best left to professionals. Before making the investment in reupholstering, make sure the frame is sound. It could be that just your cushions could stand for upgrades in the stuffing. That would certainly be more affordable and a project you could do yourself. There are plenty of "blank" cushions that you can swap out your current covers with.

Move It Around

How long has your sofa been in its current position? If you're not dealing with a mounted TV issue, then rearranging the furniture in your living room can give that room an entirely new feel. The same can be said for repainting the room. Your sofa might not change, but if its position and the color of the walls do, then everything can look different.

Let It Go

There are some cases where no amount of pillows or coverings will do the trick. If you're bound and determined to buy a new sofa, you can still give you old sofa a new lease on life in someone else's home. Consider donating to a charity like Habitat for Humanity. They can refurbish that old sofa and see that it goes to a family in need. That's a very cool way to have your sofa live on!