Changing a Bathroom Cabinet Mirror

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  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200

Changing the look of a bathroom cabinet mirror isn't too difficult and can freshen the look of the room. As long as you keep your cabinet, you can perform a few remodeling tricks that will change the look of the mirror without replacing the entire cabinet.

Add Lights

Something you can do to update the look of your bathroom cabinet mirror is to install new lighting. Mirrors particularly benefit from lights along the side of the cabinet. Side lighting adds elegance and width to the cabinet mirror without much trouble.

Change the Shape

If you can find the right size replacement mirror, changing the shape of the bathroom cabinet mirror can also change the entire room without replacing the cabinet.

Borders and Framing

If you have a large enough mirror, you can use a miter cut on some decorative molding to create a frame for the mirror. Doing so changes the entire design without a major remodel. The molding can be glued with simple adhesive. Glue it directly to the mirror with a caulk gun and liquid nails.