Give Your Home a Rustic Cabin Makeover

Give your home a rustic cabin makeover by adding wood treatments or bring outdoor, woodsy elements to your home. This will give your home a rustic cabin feel and transform your home instantly. Giving your home a rustic cabin makeover starts with finding sources of inspiration for your home. These sources of inspiration can be as simple as taking a weekend retreat to a mountain cabin and observing the different examples that make the cabin look and feel rustic.

Visit a Rustic Cabin for Ideas

While out in the field looking at the examples of rustic cabins for inspiration, take pictures and write notes about the different design elements that you come across. These inspirations and notes can serve as the basis for your home’s makeover into a rustic cabin. Be sure to note at how the natural elements in the cabin’s environment are used throughout the cabin to make it feel and look rustic. The use of logs in furniture and the incorporation of bark, leaves, twigs and sticks can all be part of the makeover for your home.

Place Design Ideas on Paper

After visiting or spending time in a rustic cabin, take your ideas and inspiration and put them down on paper. Draw up a design plan for your home’s rustic cabin makeover that incorporates many of the design elements that you saw when visiting the cabin. You can also purchase sample designs and look at magazines and books for additional ideas to transform your home into the desired rustic cabin.

Purchase and Acquire Materials

In performing a makeover of your home into a rustic cabin, you need to acquire materials that will help you accomplish your makeover. Wood bark, sticks, twigs and leaves and antlers are all elements that can be brought into the rustic cabin design. These items can typically found for free by searching the forests and woods surrounding your home. You can also take a trip out into the country and look for these items in a country store or outdoor farmer’s market. Acquire as many items as you can, including wooden baskets and old wagon wheels to add to your rustic cabin makeover.

Preparing and Accomplishing the Makeover

Paint walls in brush strokes that are incomplete or give the impression that the paint is peeling. Place wood panels on the walls to give certain rooms more of a rustic feel. Remove carpeting and replace flooring with wood planks that give the home a cabin feeling. You can use throw rugs purchased at a farmer’s market or an old estate sale to serve as floor covering.

You can make or purchase furniture that is similar to that you found during your rustic cabin stay. Repurpose or replace furniture pieces to make them fit in your rustic cabin makeover design. Use the inspiration that you found during your visit to a rustic cabin to complete your makeover and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.