Give Your Nursery an Elegant Look With a Canopy Baby Crib

Baby nursery with canopy over the crib, a wooden rocking horse, and a dresser.
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A canopy baby crib is a great way to make a statement with your nursery. These fashionable furnishings can make your nursery look more elegant. This short guide will tell you the basics of what you need to know about a canopy baby crib.

What Is a Canopy Baby Crib?

A canopy baby crib has four posts off each corner of the bed. A frame attached to these posts allows you to hang canopies made of any sort of fabric that fits the design of your nursery. The design of a canopy baby crib allows you the ability to personalize the look of the crib by purchasing or making your own fabrics to hang from it.

Types of Canopy Baby Cribs

a baby nursery with canopy crib

Several types and styles of canopy baby cribs exist. You can choose from wood, iron, steel, round, and standard.

A round canopy crib comes adorned with a dome as canopy over the crib. This type of canopy baby crib is easier to create your own canopy for, since the canopy is just fabric hung over the dome above the canopy baby crib. However you need to be careful with a round canopy baby crib. If you drape over fabric that is too long, it can become a choking hazard if your baby gets a hold of the fabric and puts it in his or her mouth.

A standard canopy baby crib is a rectangular base. As described above, it has four posts supporting a frame. The fabric draped from the frame is usually short and does not have quite the same choking hazard as the round. However, round canopy baby cribs are considered more elegant and luxurious than a standard canopy baby crib.

Both of these styles can be found in the types listed earlier: wood, iron, or steel. Wood is considered by many to be a classic while iron can give your canopy baby crib a timeless or old fashioned look. Steel, on the other hand, makes your crib look more modern than the other types and may be more to your taste. It all depends on your design interests.


A canopy baby crib is considered a luxury item and usually will cost you more than a standard crib, depending on your needs. In addition to the price of the canopy baby crib itself, bedding for a canopy crib costs more as well, since you’ll need to include the canopy in the price of the bedding—an expense you wouldn’t have with a standard crib.

Canopy Baby Cribs for Boys

baby drinking a bottle in a crib with blue canopy

Most canopy baby cribs are designed with girls in mind. However, if you shop around you can find designs that work well for boys as well. A round canopy baby crib would work particularly well for a boy’s canopy baby crib because if you are unable to find a bedding set with canopy that works well, you can buy a more masculine bedding and create your own canopy to drape over the dome.

A canopy baby crib comes with the same features as a standard crib, plus the ability to decorate your crib to make your baby’s nursery more elegant.