Give Your Old Mirror a Rustic Facelift with Painted Twigs

Rustic design is very much in style. It is cozy and warm, and adding a mirror that has a rustic flare will make your decor pop. There is no need to buy a mirror at retail price which could cost a few hundred dollars. Instead, give your old mirror a rustic facelift with painted twigs. With these steps this project should take about 3 hours from start to finish.

Step 1: Gathering the Material

The materials that you will need for this project are 20 to 30 twigs that range in diameter from 2 to 4 centimeters but are about 2 feet long each. The length will allow for enough over hang for a custom fit to your mirror. You will also need a hot glue gun and spray paint either in a copper or brown shade to add warmth to the rustic look of your mirror.

Step 2: Preparing and Painting the Twigs

The first step to your rustic facelift is to prepare the twigs. Pull off any tiny branches to make a smooth twig. Lay the twigs out on an old sheet or plastic bag and coat them evenly with spray paint. Read the instructions on the can to ensure ample drying time. When the first coat of paint is dry finish with a second coat. You may choose to seal the twigs with a varnish but if the mirror is not going to be handled or touched this step is optional.

Step 3: Assembling the Rustic Mirror

To assemble the mirror first make sure the surface is clean using a damp cloth. Measure the length and width of the mirror and cut the twigs leaving a 3 to 4 inch over hang. If your mirror already has a frame use the frame as a base for the twigs. Glue the twigs side by side along the sides, top and bottom of the mirror over lapping the ends. If you have a raw mirror with no frame build the twigs out about 6 inches to form the border around the mirror. Again, using hot glue glue the twigs down to the mirror. Finish your mirror with a hanger made from wire or cording to add the perfect rustic touch.

Giving an old mirror a facelift with painted twigs is a great way to reuse and recycle old pieces and turn them into unique art. Remember to choose paints that incorporate earth tones and stay away from any primary colors as the key to a rustic decor is warm inviting colors. An additional tip to consider when hanging your mirror is to hang it at eye level so that it can be enjoyed both as an art piece and as a looking glass. Using your old mirror to create a one-of-a-kind piece will be eye catching and interesting. With the right accessories flanking the mirror and the perfect spot, your mirror will go from functional to fashionable in about 3 hours.