Glass Block Door Sidelights: Pros and Cons

Door sidelights bring more light into the entryway. They open up the space and have the added bonus of letting you peek out and see who’s at your door before you open it. Glass block door sidelights can look good, but there are pros and cons to using them.


Glass block door sidelights will let in light without letting anyone see through. That gives you plenty of privacy without having to put up net drapes. Glass blocks are sturdy; something hitting against them won’t break them. This gives them plenty of solidity and helps strengthen the structure of your house. Glass block door sidelights also look good on many house styles, blending in with the architecture.


The biggest problem with glass block door sidelights is installing them. You need enough width for the block to sit flush, and that can be tricky with most houses. You also need space on either side of the door that will allow for the glass block. Although they allow in light and stop people from seeing in, glass blocks don’t let you see out. You have the privacy, but it comes at a price. If you want to see who’s at your door you still need to open the door.