Glass Block Shower Enclosure: Pros and Cons

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A glass block shower is an option when refurbishing a bathroom. You should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.


If you have a specific design in mind, building a glass block shower can help you to achieve it. The glass bricks will enable you to create unique and contemporary designs. A glass block shower can also prove highly versatile because the glass will suit any type of surrounding décor. Using glass blocks will enable you to construct a shower block even in a room that is outside of the normal dimensions.


Despite the thickness of the glass, a glass block shower will provide a reduced level of privacy in comparison to a tiled surface or shower curtain. There is a range glass block on the market that will create more privacy by the addition of color or smokiness. The overall cost of a glass block shower usually stems from the price of the individual glass bricks, which can be expensive. The number of bricks required can quickly escalate, and cause the cost to become prohibitive.