Glass Block Windows: Mortar Joints vs Metal Grid

Glass block windows can be installed in a number of effective and attractive ways. Apart from silicone there is also mortar and metal grid system. All three methods are perfectly suitable for long term and secure glass block fitting but, to the contrary some methods might be more suitable for other conditions, depending on the particular project.

Pro’s and Con’s of Mortar

Mortar is a permanent fitting. It must be adjusted while the mortar is still in its wet condition and then left to completely dry before it is permanently secured. Mortar is almost the same as laying bricks and has the same procedure involved. That is to say, glass blocks are laid in courses, using mortar as the adhesive which creates a solid bond. The contrary side of mortar is that it can seem unattractive and is an extremely messy project, much like brick laying.

Pro’s and Con’s of a Metal Grid

The metal grid looks like a framework of individual squares. The glass blocks are fitted into the metal grid and snapped and locked into place. It is far less messy than mortar and is very quick and easy to place, in comparison. The downside is that you do need to employ the use of masonry screws to secure the grid and it is far better for smaller black constructions.