Glass Decorative Bowls: 6 Unique Ideas

Decorative glass bowls are beautiful and functional. Aside from tossing candy in them, there are some unique ways to show them off. You can go outside of the box, and use your decorative bowls so they really stand out and make a statement! Below are 6 unique ideas to try.

1 - Water Feature

To make your bowl a water feature, you can add colored gravel to the bottom and fill with water. This is found at stores that sell aquarium equipment, or craft stores. just pour some in the bottom to the level you like. You can mix more than one color for an extra pop! Aside from colored gravel, you can also use water plants. With these plants, just place them in the water with no soil necessary. The roots will be visible through the glass, which is what makes it more unique. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to color the water. If you really want to go all the way with this project, you can add a couple of goldfish.

2 - Waterfall Plant Arrangement

Place some soil in your decorative glass bowl, and plant some plants that will grow at least 3 inches tall. Surrounding these plants, place some ivy or other creeping plant around the edge. As this grows, it will cascade over the side of your bowl like a waterfall. Place this on a mantel, or on a table allowing the plant to pour over the side.

3 - Twine Balls

These are fun to make! Grab a bag of balloons at a craft store or department store. Blow up balloons to the size of twine balls that will allow you to place several in your bowl. Dip twine in white glue and wrap around the balloon like you would a ball of yarn. Place them in something, like an egg carton to dry. Pop the balloons and pull them out. Place your twine balls in your bowl. Use different colors of twine for more interest.

4 - A Decorative Pitcher

If you don't really want to plant or make anything for your bowl, go to a dollar store and find a pitcher in a color that will match your decor. Be sure your bowl is made so you have room for the pitcher. Place the pitcher in the bowl. You can then add flowers to the pitcher, if desired. This works well in a kitchen or bath.

5 - Bath Soaps

Placing a decorative glass bowl in the bathroom is an easy way to bring extra pattern and color to the room. Use the bowl to hold an array of soaps, or just place several on a window sill to catch the sunlight for a prism effect.

6 - Wedding Reception

Decorative glass bowls are an inexpensive way to decorate tables for a wedding reception. You can add water to them and place a floating candle, or make an arrangement of flowers. If you use small bowls, the guests can take these home for a memento of the special day.