Glass Etching: How to Remove a Stencil

What You'll Need
Glass surface
Stencil of your pattern
Glass etching cream
Paper towels

When glass etching you have an entire process of taking your pattern and making it into a stencil that can be applied over and over again with accuracy and consistency. A stencil will ensure that when you make additional copies of the same image, the copies are identical to the original.

Step 1 - Construction of the Piece

When doing a glass etching you will want to have your glass piece that the stencil will be applied to and all the required materials on hand. Use the activator on the glass surface and apply your stencil carefully and evenly with your ruler.

Step 2 - Apply the Etching Cream

Once you have the stencil in place, apply your etching cream to the stencil attached to the glass etching. Apply pressure with a paper towel for 5 minutes.

Step 3 - Cleanup and Stencil Removal

Once your glass etching has been under pressure for the allotted time carefully peel your stencil off and put aside for future use. The same stencil can be reused later to make an identical image. Use the paper towels to clean any excess cream and admire your masterpiece.