Glass Room Addition: Three Designs To Consider

Glass rooms or sunrooms provide an airy and transitional type of space and can significantly increase the resale value of your home. They make very comfortable and cozy sitting rooms that allow you to enjoy both the inside and outside elements of your home.

While there are many styles and variations of glass rooms, most of the differences are related to the design of the roof. Below is a guide to the three most popular types of glass room roof.

Single Slope Roof

Single slope roof glass rooms have a roof that slopes in a single direction. The slow of the room is typically designed to blend with the existing roof of the house.

Single slope roof styles are popular because they are easy to integrate, as most homes already have a roof with some slope. Installation is also quick, and the price is relatively low.

Gabled Roof

A gabled roof may also be called an A-frame roof. In a glass room, this type of room provides the feeling of open air as well as elegancy. They allow for use of cathedral ceilings and feel larger and much more spacious.

However, gabled roof designs can be much more expensive than simpler styles as they require extra materials and more labor. While the cost of these types of glass rooms can be significant, however, they usually add as much or more value to your home as the installation cost.

Enclosed Porch

The easiest—and least expensive—way to get a new glass room is to simply enclose an existing patio or porch. This will create more usable space in your home, and the new glass room will naturally blend with your home's existing architecture.

Even if your porch is relatively small, enclosing it with glass is generally much less expensive than the other two designs discussed above. In addition, enclosing an existing patio can usually be done very quickly and efficiently.