Glazed Interior Doors

Doors can be among the first things that a person notices about your home when they enter, and they can make a huge impression. They can also let more natural light in, or block more out, depending on the type of door that you choose. Glazed interior doors are one of the best ways to ensure that light comes through into the house, even if you do not have an abundance of windows to cooperate with this effort.

Decorative Uses For Glazed Interior Doors

The most obvious use for a glazed interior door is to offer specific rooms some privacy without taking away all of the light. Normally, letting light in is reserved for the entry door, but using doors that are glazed can also offer a means of improving the lighting throughout the house, especially in homes that have minimal natural lighting due to few or small windows.

Glazed interior doors can be used in a variety of ways throughout the house. Here are a few popular uses, in no particular order:


Lofts are a great way to maximize the space in a room, and you can virtually create two or more rooms within a room by using the loft methodology. Adding a glazed interior door can allow you to create a sense of privacy for a loft bedroom without taking away from the open feel of the space itself. It can also be an inexpensive means of lowering your energy bills, since lofts are notorious for higher energy costs due to their open construction which traps heat in the loft space. The doors can help keep some of that heat out of the loft.

Similar to a loft bedroom, adding a loft bathroom can be a great way to continue maximizing the space, even if it is only a half bath. A glazed interior door adds a sense of privacy to a space, without blocking off the light or making a small bathroom feel more closed in than it needs to.


If you want to make your bathroom feel more spacious, consider a glazed interior door. It allows the room to have sufficient privacy but lets the natural light into a room that often has little or no natural lighting sources. It is very beautiful and modern and can be a perfect touch for adding a more environmentally friendly design to your bathroom renovation.

Whether you are considering a half or full bath, a glazed door is a great way to maximize space and lighting, without making the room feel small or boxy.

Creating A Room

Finally, a glazed interior door can be an excellent way to create a room within another room. For example, if you have an open living room and dining area, but are enclosing the dining area as a separate room, a fully glazed interior door will create the feeling and ambiance of a separate room without completely blocking off the living room. You could do the same with a dining room and kitchen combination, or a bedroom and closet.

Glazed interior doors have many uses, each of which can be helpful when you are renovating or remodeling your home. Check with home improvement retailers in your area to find out costs and availability.