Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Satin Hardwood Floor Finish

Creating the right hardwood floor finish is highly important, not only to the preservation of the wood but to the particular surface upon which it is laid. Some wood treatments are not highly suited to certain types of wooden floor. When deciding on the final finish for your own hard wood flooring there are some things you should think about.

Gloss Finish for your Hardwood Floor

Gloss varnish or stain is probably not a great idea for wooden floors, on the basis that glossy surfaces create slippery surfaces. Heavy foot traffic coming through that particular area could have hazardous results unless protective top flooring is laid down. Rubber matting or plastic floor protectors will suffice to prevent people slipping on the glossy surface. If you do indeed decide that you would prefer a gloss finish, polyurethane varnish is the perfect choice.

Glossy varnish will indeed lift the floor surface and give it a deep, rich quality of finish. If the hardwood is a darker wood like mahogany, cherry or oak, the grain will be enhanced and stand out magnificently. Gloss finishes are suitable for areas with less foot traffic, like a study or small indoor porch. They are also highly reflective, as the gloss varnish will reflect sunlight into the room and the shine of the floor will reflect on darker colored walls.

Semi-Gloss Finish for your Hardwood Floor

Choosing a semi-gloss is a middle alternative to the question of gloss or no gloss. The semi-gloss finish will still have certain levels of reflectivity and also offer a similar richness to the grain of most woods. Semi-gloss is the perfect choice for mid-level traffic rooms where feet will trample continuously. Rich polyurethane semi-gloss varnish penetrates deep into the grain of the wood and protects it from scuff marks and drag marks.

The deep intensity of darker hard wood floors will be emphasized greatly by the depth of the color you choose also. Varnish can be applied after you have stained the wood. If the hardwood floor you have laid down is unfinished and had been left merely sanded, you have the ultimate choice of which direction you take the floor in. If you choose to stain the wood darker than its natural state, you can then opt to use a semi-gloss varnish finish on it.

Satin Finish for your Hardwood Floor

Satin is often mistaken for semi-gloss owing to its partially reflective nature. Satin is as the material states and very shiny and silky looking. Somewhat dull in comparison to high gloss, satin does offer a hard and durable finish. Again, in the same way, you may choose to stain the hard wood floor before you apply the satin top coat.

If you choose to stain the floor darker to resemble another wood, you can do so and then add the satin finish once the stain has been applied and dried. The satin will then coat the floor with a light dusting of protection in appearance but the actual result is as equally durable as the gloss and semi-gloss. All polyurethane floor finishes are as durable as each other and they will stand the test of time admirably.