Glue Block

A glue block is the original furniture bracer. It’s a solid piece of wood that helps support the corner joints. There are newer steel corner plates that perform the same function as a glue block, however they not only take away from the look of the furniture but they can also lower the value of it. Any valuable furniture, especially antiques, should be repaired via a glue block rather than a steel corner plate.

How to Make a Glue Block

A glue block can be easily made at your house by following these instructions.

  • Start by taking a square piece of wood and cutting it in half diagonally. Depending on the project you are working on you may need a larger or smaller piece of wood. In most cases 2 inches will do.
  • Next cut triangular braces. These should be cut from 1” boards.
  • Finally, make a notch to fit.

When installing the glue block you will want to take extra time when spreading the adhesive. You may want to strengthen it even further by using nails to attach the block. If you decide to do this you will want to be extra careful so you don’t split the wood.