Glueless Vinyl Flooring Installation Tips

Installing glueless vinyl flooring is a much simpler, and cleaner, process than laying down regular vinyl tiles. Glueless vinyl flooring is a good choice for rooms that do not really need any type of floor covering or if you live in a rented home or apartment.

Purchase Ten Percent More

When ordering your glueless vinyl flooring, it is a good idea to purchase ten percent more flooring than you need. Measure your room and multiply the length and width of the room. This will give you the square footage. Take that number and add ten percent to allow for trimming and mistakes.

Remove All Thresholds and Baseboards

The glueless vinyl flooring needs to butt up against the walls, or room transitions, for a complete floor look. Carefully pry off the baseboards so you can reinstall them after the floor is laid down. Remove any thresholds by unscrewing them or prying them carefully up from the floor.

Roll out Floor and Center

Roll out the glueless vinyl flooring and center it on the floor. There should be an equal amount of excess along the borders of the room. Trim with a sharp utility knife so it is at the edge of the wall.

Adhere to Floor with Tape

By rolling back a portion of the floor at a time, place double sided tape on the floor and press the vinyl firmly into the tape. Once the entire floor is done use a heavy roller to get rid of any air bubbles.