Going Camping? Water Filter Necessities

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A camping water filter is a great idea if you plan to do any backcountry camping or backpacking. Once you are away from a municipal water system, you’re safest using a filter for any water you drink.

Portable Filters

Many camping water filters are made for hikers. There are pump models and water bottle models. The pump models suck up the water as the person pumps, then discharges it into another container after filtering.

Water bottle filters have the person fill the water bottle, then the filter cleans the water as the person drinks.

If you are using water for cooking as well as drinking on the camping trip, then a pump filter is likely the more practical choice.

“Base Camp” Filters

Larger models of water filters hold several gallons of water. They often operate on a gravity system. Someone fills the filter and hangs it up, then the water is treated as it flows down into the spout.

Be sure the filter is EPA approved. A .3 micron filter is recommended. Each filter removes different contaminants, but be sure it removes at least giardia and other bacteria.

UV Sanitizer Filters

The UV sanitizers are easy to use. They emit ultraviolet light to purify water in minutes by killing viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Depending on the size, they can purify a quart or more of water at once.