Going Green: Create an Aquarium Air Pump with Reappropriated Materials

What You'll Need
Recycled tubing
Hole punch

Having an aquarium air pump is important for any at-home tank set up. Thankfully, you can make one that won't cost you very much out of re-appropriated materials. Here are a few materials that you will need along with steps to follow in order to guide you through the process with ease.

Step 1 - Gather Materials

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you gather all of the materials necessary for the project. You can use recycled tubing to make the air pump as long as it isn't bent or damaged. This will save you money as well as being eco-friendly. Once you find the tubing that you are going to use, check the height of the aquarium and cut the tubing to the desired size.

Step 2 - Make Holes

Now, use tape to attach the tube to the area that you are working on. This can hold the tubing still as you decide where you want to make the holes for the air pump. Once you have taped it down you can use a combination of a hole punch as well as a drill to make holes throughout the tube. You will want to keep in mind the size of the bubbles that you are looking for when you make the holes. Watch your hands as you drill to make sure you do not injure yourself. The hole punch can be used for the holes being made near the edges and the drill can be used when you move toward the middle of the tube. Keep in mind that you only want to make the holes in the bottom part of the tube that is going to be under the water. Leave the top of the tubing that comes out untouched.

Step 3 - Plug the End

Next, plug then end of the tube. You can typically find a plug to fit the end of the tubing at a hardware store near you. Once you place the plug in, use a silicone glue to secure it. Let it sit and dry for a couple of days so that you know it is completely ready to go into the water. This plug is going to give the tube the pressure that it needs to be able to produce the bubbles. Once everything has dried you will want to attach it to the end of the connector for the air pump. You can use silicone to do this and secure around the edges.

When you are completing this task you will want to make sure that you are either taking all of the water out of the aquarium or you are lowering the level of it. This will allow you to secure the tubing into place and then let it dry before using it. These steps should help to show you how to make and attach the air pump and once you start it, the bubbles will begin.