Going Green: How to Install a Single Point Tankless Water Heater

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  • 3-5 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,500-2,000
What You'll Need
Side cutter
Working gloves
Water filter
Pipe Clip
Screwdriver set
Tankless water heater set
Circuit breaker
Electrical wires
Electrical tape
Copper pipe and fittings
Braided steel flexible connectors

A tankless water heater is energy efficient and may help you save a lot of money in the long run. There are a number of tankless water heaters now that have specific models built depending on your basic needs. For shower heaters, some models no longer require isolation of the heating unit from the shower unit. This provides easy access especially on models that have the option for a variable temperature setting mode instead of the manual (mixing two knobs: one knob for hot and another for cold) method while taking your shower.

The former may require you to only maintain a single water source while the temperature is adjusted using the temperature setting on the heating unit itself. If you want to install a tankless water heater as a replacement for your existing tank water heater for your bathroom shower, the following steps will help you.

Step 1 - Get the Work Area Ready

Bring the materials to a working table which is setup in the bathroom area. Keep any wires or conductive materials away from the workspace. Take extra precautions especially on the electrical connections. Ensure the electrical main breaker is turned off.

Step 2 - Install the Electrical Connections

Check the nearest electrical junction box and connect a pair of electrical wires into it and attach the other side to the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is important especially if the tankless water heater is going to draw around 48-amperes of current from the electrical source. This will ensure that the electricity is cut off in case of emergencies. Route another pair of electrical wires from the circuit breaker to supply the water heater set. Use electrical tape for the termination of connected wires.

Step 3 - Uninstall the Existing Heater Pipeline

Close the main water source valve of the shower. Remove the existing heater pipeline (from tank heater unit) and clean up the area. Put up fittings to connect it into the cold water input of the tankless water heater.

Step 4 - Install the Main Tankless Heater Unit

Locate the position of the shower unit inside the bathroom or at a designated cabinet. Mark desired position and drill holes. Fix the tankless heating unit into the wall. Install braided steel flexible connectors from the water source main valve and attach a new connection towards the cold input fitting of the tankless heater unit. Connect another braided steel flexible connector towards the “hot water” connector of the showerhead. Secure the flexible connectors in place using pipe clips secured into the wall.

Step 5 - Finish up

Test the setup by switching on the circuit breaker and switching on the tankless heater unit. Adjust the “hot” valve and mix with the “cold” valve of the shower controls. When everything is working smoothly, proceed to clean up the working area and put away all the tools.