Going Green: How to Patch an Acrylic Bathtub

What You'll Need
Acrylic tub repair kit
Patching tape (included)
Bonding substance (included)
Acrylic tub sealer/finisher (included)
Paint or tint (included)
Fine sand paper

If you have a new home it is extremely likely that you have an acrylic bathtub. Tubs made of acrylic are much more widely used these days due to their cost effectiveness and easier maintainability when compared with steel or porcelain tubs of old. Fixing a crack in an acrylic bathtub is a simple process.

Step 1 - Clean and Sand Damaged Area

Start by cleaning and sanding the area around the crack. It is suggested to use a fine grit sand paper, like 1,500 grit or above, to carefully rough the area that will be receiving adhesive without damaging the surface extensively.

Step 2 - Apply Patching Tape and Bonding Substance

A standard repair kit for acrylic tubs will include patching tape and bonding agent. First you will apply the patching tape to the sanded area around the crack and cover the crack. This will help seal the crack and hold it together for patching. This will also make a good surface for applying your bonding substance. Now mix your bonding substance and apply it to the patching tape.

Step 3 - Finish and Seal the Patch

Once the bonding substance has completely dried for the recommended time, it is time to sand the surface of the patch until it is as smooth and even with the tub surface as possible. When finished apply the tub sealer and resurfacing agent and paint or tint to match your tub.