Going Green: How to Remove Mold from a Shower Curtain Liner

Because of the high levels of humidity found within the shower area, mold is commonly found on a shower curtain liner. Because mold poses a threat to your health, it is important to clean any build-up of mold from the shower curtain liner. Rather than throwing the shower curtain liner into the garbage, grab a few supplies and get ready to scrub!

First, fill the bathtub approximately 6 inches deep with hot water. Add 1 cup of chlorine bleach to the hot water in the tub. Remove the shower curtain liner from the hooks and place into the bleach water. Make sure that all mold spots are covered with bleach water.  For minimal mold stains, soak the liner for approximately one hour. If tough mold stains are present, the liner may need to soak for several hours. The bleach will break down the mold, killing any bacteria and lightening the stain. Using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the shower curtain liner, removing all mold stains. Drain the bleach water from the bathtub and rinse with clean, cool water. Re-hang the shower curtain liner with curtain hooks and pull closed, which will allow the curtain to thoroughly dry.