Got Some Extra Sheets? Make Them Into Pillow Cases

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What You'll Need
1 twin bed sheet (for making two rectangular standard size pillowcases)
Tassels, ribbon or lace trim, 2 pieces, 4x24, optional
Sewing machine, needle, matching thread
Crayon or pen

Almost all of us have sheets around the house that we do not use—sheets that can easily be converted to effective pillow cases. Since most of the material required is easily available around the house, this creative yet practical project will save you the money and hassle of purchasing new pillowcases. You can also add trimming, ribbon or crochet edging to spice up your old sheets after you make pillowcases out of them.

Step 1 - Cutting the Bed Sheet

Launder your sheet after deciding which one you want to turn into pillowcases. Open the bed sheet flat on your work surface and fold in half lengthwise. Place a bed pillow on one corner of the sheet. Using your crayon, mark the edges around the pillow and cut with your scissors as neatly as possible.

Step 2 - Turning the Material Inside Out

After you cut the material, turn it inside out, since you do not want any stitching to be shown on the outside of your case. You will have to sew two sides of the pillowcase completely and the edge of the third from where the pillow will be slide in from.

Step 3 - Sewing the Top Edge Seam

Fold the top edge of the pillowcase where the pillow will slide in from twice so you have a good seam. Begin sewing that particular edge by placing sewing needles on the material to keep it together. However, make sure you do not sew both the pieces together.

Step 4 - Sewing the Other Edges

Fold the material in the shape of a rectangle after you have sewn the top edge seam, still keeping the material inside out. Sew the bottom edge of the pillowcase first, and then the long edge. Use sewing needles to keep the material in the shape that you want.

Step 5 - Adding Detail to the Pillowcase

After sewing the edges together, turn your pillowcase inside out to see how it looks. You can also sew ribbon or lace around the top of your pillowcase to make it look more beautiful, or sew tassels on the four corners. Trim can also be added using pins at short intervals on the top cover, but make sure you do not pin it too tight. Test your pillowcase by putting a pillow in it to see how it looks.